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Church & Knowing The Presence

Here the Beings of The Christ Light speak on gaining the most from your religious experience. Although speaking to a Christian, their counsel applies to all—no matter the religious or spiritual beliefs. As was their custom, the Beings of The Christ Light greeted everyone present. To a woman attending one of the regular weekly sessions for the first time, they greeted her and then followed with a question.

And why have you come, beloved?”


“I’ve recently accepted Jesus Christ into my life,” she said,  ”and I just need to know how I can use God’s—how I can use Him in my life to make things [sic] from negative and turn them into positive.”


Do you attend church, beloved?




And what was said to you about this that made you want to come here?”

“Um…,”  she began. “Actually, I don’t know much about it.  I was just told that it was a spiritual session and that it might enhance the way I see things in life.”

Yes, yes, yes.


Beloved, what we will share with you is not to take you away from your church, but rather, help you to find more within you so, that when you attend church, it is to celebrate the Christ within.  Not to find Christ within the building nor the minister but, to know Its Presence, beloved one, within you.


So, we are here to assist you, beloved, to know the divine that is yours because God Force created you.  We are pleased you are with us tonight, and we welcome you, beloved one.

 ”Thank you,” she said

Thank you beloved one.


They then addressed the audience.


Everyone, do your own work.  Look within.  Use this as an opportunity to see yourself. Only you, beloved one, can lead yourself to mastery.  We cannot lead you. Not even Jesus as the Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed.


No one can really lead you, beloved.  It is you who must decide to walk the path for yourself. Others may show the way, but it is you who must take the walk. It is you who decided to follow the lead of your own inner guidance. This is the real leader beloved ones, that which is within you. Others may share the road and even walk alongside you, but it is you who must travel the road, the path for yourself.

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