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“God Is Light”

Since I was a very little girl, I have always wondered about, and wanted to know God. Some of my friends use to even describe me as an “evangelist” because I often shared about “Divine” ideas, and because I absolutely love to teach people enlightening things. I have been accused of having an active intellect, but I also possess a deep spiritual longing and a great hunger to be filled up with “love and light” by consciously aligning myself with what I just simply call goodness

Having said all of that, you won’t at all be surprised when I tell you that I have a “Spiritual Hero”, a friend of mine who has had a truly amazing experience… And, I have to chuckle when I think about her in this moment, because she always signs her emails “love and light.” Wow, I must be having a little revelation, that those two delight-filled words must be a sign or a confirmation of some kind. How simple that seems, but my friend Mpingo Marilyn Griffin has an extraordinary personal story that I am going to convey to you. One in which she, like me, not only wished to know God, spoke often about Divinity, and shared this with others – she actually made contact with Heaven!

Here are her own words, describing that wondrous contact:

"They first came to me while I was on a 40 day fast. The soft high tone awoke me in the middle of the night, like someone gently stirring me from my sleep. Slow to respond initially, something lightly shook my shoulder as I heard an audible whisper saying to me, “Wake up.” I felt a deep communion, as a Divine and Holy presence completely flooded my awareness. The communication started, and I heard words and received impressions of ideas that were separate from my own thoughts gently raining upon my consciousness. I called them “Truths”, for they were powerfully simple, but incredibly profound. Even more magnificent than the beautiful words that came from them, was the overwhelming experience of unconditional love and comfort that enveloped my entire being. I experienced a total and unmistakable complete divine compassion… That was the beginning of the many times these 'Light Beings' would come to me.

“What was shared by these Light Beings was spiritual, for sure, but more than anything, this almost indescribable “guidance” was about the practical matter of entering into the service of God. I was amazed that one of the first things they spoke about was doing my “Business Plan”, and also preparing for what was to come by ‘working hard’ … "

Aliah MaJon,

Ph.D., DD

Her Additonal Testimony

Mpingo, you cannot waste any more time you must do your business plan tonight. You can finish it this weekend.

You cannot worry. You must work hard.

Now, you must be sure of yourself. The goal is to give service for God so others can grow. You be supported spiritually but you must do the work. You must see yourself as a professional doing business. It is time to move up to a higher level of work.

You must prepare yourself. We opening doors for you in eery way, but you must o the work yourself so you can grow in faith

Now, back to my story…

My, when I first learned that my friend Mpingo had made contact with Heaven and met the Light beings, every single part of me – most especially my Soul and spiritual core – jumped up and down for joy! I had always wanted to do that… Meaning, have a real conversation with the Heavenly Realms, a practical “we are working with you from above” conversation no less!! I was ecstatic, overjoyed, and beside myself with happiness to learn that this was possible!!!

I was one of a group of about one hundred or so people, who not only knew that Mpingo was communicating with the Light Beings, we had the great privilege of speaking to them, as well, through her. We gathered weekly in person and by speakerphone to receive their wisdom, and be told that we too needed to “work hard” to make our selves of service to God. We were encouraged by them to do our “inner work” and let go of fear, strengthen our faith, and step into our personal and collective destiny to bring good to the Earth. The Light Beings instructed us that we were created by God to spread Divine Light, and that it was extremely important to develop an intimate relationship with God and be inspired to live our lives in the Light.

I took their powerful words to heart, and have committed and recommitted to doing everything that I can to become what I have the potential to become as a “needed” child of God. In other words, the Earth and the entire Creation requires my assistance to bring Light, higher light, and even more light, and Love, higher love and even more love; which is what the word “God” really means isn’t it? My personal spiritual hero Mpingo has done more than she may ever know to inspire this ever-evolving goal in me.

Had it not been for her tremendous faith (and courage), and her ability to contact Heaven to have direct conversations with God’s helpers – the Light Beings. And, my personally getting to speak to them about cosmic, expansive and marvelous things regarding “truth” and Divine ways of being, I would not be who I am today. In fact, I would not only, not be who I am, the many people that I have served as a coach, would not be either!

Rev. Dr. Aliah MaJon, Ph.D., D.D. is an ordained non-denominational minister who originated SOUL TECHNOLOGY®, a brand of practical spirituality that presents the soul as an untapped human faculty. As a consummate teacher, trainer, facilitator and coach, she emphasizes that making a joyful commitment to spiritual growth will improve our existence. For over 30 years, she has bridged the spiritual and secular worlds by creating real-life applications for spiritual principles and soul-inspired ideals.

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