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Mpingo Marilyn Griffin, Instrument




Beloved Friend,

You did not find your way here through obvious links in the menu of this website. Rather, you took the time to read and found much that resonated as truth to you. In doing so, you then found a link that led you here. So, here you are in response to an inner call to your heart.

Perhaps from reading the various excerpts or finding inspiration from the testimonies of others, you too would  like the opportunity to share in a similar experience. In 1997, the first phase of their public mission to assist in "awaking the enlightened," ended. They have recently returned in a new phase of their mission. On behalf of the beloved Beings of The Christ Light, I am honored that I have the privilege to present to you their simple suggestion ...

So now, beloved ones, please consider the possibility of a small gathering of like-minded people in your circle of influence.   

They make this simple request trusting that the "work is doing the work." Similar to their first public mission when weekly sessions were held, they asked that I not create or distribute fliers to promote the sessions. The Beings trusted that the work done during the sessions would benefit those in attendance and that they in return would tell others whom they thought also possibly sensed an inner calling similar to their own. So, it is desired that this website is used in a similar way to introduce others to their work. Perhaps someone recommended this website to you. It may be that that person is looking to see who might be interested in a group session or it may be that you wish to hold a gathering of your own. If you or the person recommending this website are interested in holding a group session(s), you may contact me,

Mpingo at: 424-243-6885 

or send an email to:

Private sessions with the Beings of The Christ Light are also available.

A Special Message For Leaders of Religious and Spiritual Organizations or Groups

It may be that although you find resonance with what you have read, you may not feel guided to sponsor a session with these Beings of The Christ Light for those under your leadership. However, you may find it useful to have me share in a discussion with your membership. If I am invited to do so, The Beings made this request of me:

Now, they may take the road of their religion and this will bless them. But, your work is to allow preachers, rabbis, imams, priests, to continue that role for them as they desire. Just as we did not come to replace God in your life, it is not for you to try to replace the religious leader of their lives. Simply assist others in their walk with God, no matter what route they take.   

Before contacting me, you will find the following information useful.


This is for your own personal growth and well-being. It is not to learn what the future might hold for you, except for the future you can create yourself. We are not going to make predictions nor are we going to try to guess the names of your relatives and friends. This is for the purpose of you creating mastery over your own life. And so it is. Amen!

Now, you will be able to go as deep with us as you desire and you will be able to find what you need to help you move ahead in life. But we are not going to tell you what you must do and we are not here to help you win the lottery by giving you the numbers. We are here to help you to grow within your own consciousness so that you will have the knowledge to live full lives and not rely upon chance or luck to happen for you. We want you to be the master of your own life and to know and realize that you are a co-creator of your life. And so it is!

You will soon be able to create your life exactly as you want when you understand the divine laws of the God Force and use them. And so it is. Amen.

We will now help you to go beyond your limitations and live your dreams. We are here to help you, Beloved One. And so it is!

- Beings of The Christ Light


Copyright © 1994, 1995, 2016, 2017 by Mpingo Marilyn Griffin


Beloved ones, you will experience our presence in the form of writing through this our instrument. We will explain this to you. There are four of us who most often speak and we speak as one for what one can see, all can see. Now when we are speaking through this instrument we may sometimes stop and pause to confer with the One who is with us, who serves to guides us. Now this is not our master, as such, but one very wise and most revered on this plane and this is our guide and gives some direction to our experience. This one serves to council us. Other times we will pause to confer among ourselves. We are four who work together to assist you.

Now, in addition, you will sometimes be asked your permission to look at you. When you grant us this permission we will look at your aura and the intensity of the light that flows from and around your body. But, we will not look any further without your permission. Now if we are given permission to look further we will only look at a specific area of the aura to get information that will enable us to speak to you in a way that will be most meaningful for your experience at that time. We will not take the liberty to explore where not invited.

Now, beloved ones, note that whichever one speaks, we use the plural tense because we speak in agreement and not with disharmony between us. So, we are in agreement. Now, beloved ones, we are here to assist you in your growth.

And so it is.

- Beings of The Christ Light


Copyright © 1994, 1995, 2016, 2017 by Mpingo Marilyn Griffin

For your consideration before scheduling a group or private session with the Beings of The Christ Light

A session with the Beings of The Christ Light gives you the opportunity to look beyond personal growth questions. It is an opportunity to examine who you are as a spiritual being. The  beloved Beings have said that it will be you who will design the course of the session. They will meet you from where you wish to begin. Although not required, if you reflect upon the following points prior to your session, it will set the foundation for a deeper experience. 

  • Why do  you wish to be in session with the Beings of The Christ Light? Are you simply curious or  do you wish to assume “mastery” over your life?

  • If you do wish to work in session with the Beings, you will be asked to deeply and honestly look at yourself. Are you willing to do that?

  • Ask the following questions:

    • Why are you now where you are in your life?

    • Why are you NOT where you wish to be in your life?

    • Why are you going in the direction that you are now headed?

  • Take time to think about the above questions one at a time .

  • If you've reflected upon these points, the Beings can then more quickly move deeper with you.

  • Think about your “goals” in life, and “why” you really want those particular goals?

  • If you are not, why are you not living your “dreams?”

  • So that the Beings of The Christ Light  can move more quickly to the spiritual realm, please give thought to who or what is “God” to you?

  • Then begin to “visualize” what you want your life to look like.

  • For those who have been doing the work, are you ready to go deeper?

  • And so it is. Amen.


An important request regarding this invitation

Please note that this invitation is not meant for mass marketing  or random or indiscriminate forwarding of the link to this website.

Now, that we have the internet, social media, etc., the beloved Beings have asked that this work be shared in that same spirit that their work was shared during the time of their weekly public sessions. At that time, I was asked not to distribute fliers or to do any public promotions. Rather, we were asked to simply let the "work do the work". Those who felt inspired by the work told and invited others. They wish that this website is treated in that same manner. This means that if you are inspired by what you have read here or have benefited from attending a session, please selectively tell others and invite them to this website. If in conversation you find that they share a similar call to the heart, inquire if they are interested in being in a group session.  I am honored to go anywhere invited to share the work of the Beings of The Christ Light. This work is not for everyone - it is only for those who hear the call of the heart.

Lastly, there is no need to tell anyone you refer to this website about the link to this Invitation page. Trust the presence of God within them to lead the way—let the work do the work. 

Let us all continue to live our lives in the Light.



The cost for this [a session with the Beings] is nothing; but we ask that you, beloved one, act as our embassy and show our beloved daughter that the time spent is appreciated. Act as the one who is the Embassy of Light and give according to the guidance within you.  Thank you.

Beings of the Christ Light



(Please only give, as you feel guided, after completing your session with the Beings of The Christ Light.)

If your session is by telephone or Zoom, following the session you may send your gift in the following ways:

  • Send using ZELLE Quick Pay through your bank to Mpingo Marilyn Griffin using either Mpingo's mobile # at 4242-222-2021 or email at  

  • You may give via PayPal searching for Mpingo Mariltn Griffin or use his link: 

  • If you desire to give by check, please make it payable to Mpingo Griffin and mail it to 3500 W. Manchester Bl., Unit 207, Inglewood, CA 90305.


Your gift is sincerely appreciated.)                                                                  

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