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“The Transformative Time”

It has taken me a while to get this testimony done.  Each time I sat down to write it I felt I know and don't know how to start. Yet, still I am quite happy with my life even as I am still growing in the knowledge of the teachings.  So now, let me talk about two points.


The Beings taught us that God created on the Impulse ... of a thought.  So this is one of the very main things I have been allowing to integrate into my daily life.

I have been allowing myself to be aware of my thoughts at the Impulse level, now knowing this is the most creative force and how I now manifest my desires this way, easy and without strain and trying.  

In the Mean Time

What I mean by "In The Mean Time" is that period when my deisres have not yet manifested.  The time I or we would call a "waiting period".  However it is not just a "waiting period".  It is a time when transformation is taking place.

I know because in that mean time, I decided to go to the museums, concerts and festivals, to the beach, hikes and long walks and train rides.  I decided to take trips to visits friends and relatives.  

And then one day in July the very thing I was waiting for appeared when I was away from home visiting family and having fun.

And Just like a caterpillar I was transformed with the thing I desired in my  hand.   I am thankful for the "cocoon" period I was in.  I am thankful for allowing myself to be free from trying.

I am very grateful to Mpingo and the Beings of the Christ Light for the new understanding and facilitating my growth.  I am thankful to learn that what seems to be a waiting period is actually the transformation into the very desire itself.  I now call it "The Transformative Time".  

Angela Carmen Sanchez

Brooklyn, NY

May 2016


Angela Carmen Sanchez

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