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Assist, Not Replace God

Here the Beings of The Christ Light remind us that their purpose is to assist and not to replace God in our lives. Excerpted from "The Call" (unpublished).


Trust God. We’ve only come to assist, not to replace God in your life, only to assist in your faith and in your walk with God. We feel great success with both of you is achieved and by this, we feel complete.

Now friends, thank you for this service you are giving. By this, we mean that your faith serves The Christ, for you are coming into your natural state of being as intended by God. This is your Divine birthright. You are created to serve God, to be one with God, and to use the mind of God.

This is the gift meant for all who choose to receive it. This is the way of Jesus, Eshua, The Christ. This is the way of all great saints and holy ones who have walked upon your earth. We say this, beloved, so that you will feel no boundaries in sharing this work with others. For God is not Christian. God is not Muslim. God is not Jewish. God is not Hindu. God is not Yoruba.

God is.


We will share with you that we are sent by The Christ, and through The Christ we serve Jesus, Yeshua.

"Thank you for your service.”

But, you must understand that your perception, the earthly perception of our Beloved, is so limited.


For now, we will simply say we serve God and God is receptive to the Divine law of faith. Simply faith.


Faith is not dependent upon religion. So, when you share your story of healing with others, no matter what walk of life they live, lead them to faith in God.

Now, they may take the road of their religion and this will bless them. But, your work is to allow preachers, rabbis, imans, priests, to continue that role for them as they desire. Just as we did not come to replace God in your life, it is not for you to try to replace the religious leader of their lives. Simply assist others in their walk with God, no matter what route they take.



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