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Basic Principles for Spiritual Mastery

-Book Excerpt-

To Awaken the Enlightened  









Our basic principles of spiritual mastery are:

Listen, listen, listen. Listen within, listen to that still, small voice within you.


Learn to trust yourself, trust yourself. Trust what is coming to you and through you.


Be your own authority. Follow the truth within you because you know it for yourself. Not because someone else has said so, but because you know for yourself. Trust what is within you. 


Seek no one’s approval, but your own. You need not wait for the approval of another to live your life.


Why is this so important?


Because, beloved one, you will be guided, if you so desire and if you do the work of practicing living as a spiritual master.  You will become a spiritual master by listening, listening, listening, being your own authority, seeking no one’s approval but your own. These are the basic foundation.

You must learn to trust God for yourself.  Not because the Bible said so.  Not because the Veda said so.  Not because the Koran said so.  Not because the Torah said so. No. 

Because you know the truth for yourself.  You trust that God speaks directly to you.  

Yes, use these spiritual teachings to inspire you to go within and hear God for yourself.  And use these to help show you the way. But, go beyond the need for them. 

For some, this may sound sacrilegious.  But, we say to you, beloved ones, do the work that the great wise ones have done that have given you such teachings, such holy scriptures.  How was it that they heard and knew before such books were written through them?  They received the word of God from within.


The same God Force speaks directly to you now.

- Beings of The Christ Light

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