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Book Reviews


These reviews are for both books. A New Light on Christmas* has two additional chapters and is an updated and expanded version of the first book, Beings of The Christ Light Share The Meaning of Christmas.

A must read

A must read for those that are on the spiritual path seeking the truth and wisdoms of the ages.

Rev. Juanita B. Dunn, R.Sc.F.

Los Angeles, CA

A book to be read and shared over and over

This magnificent book carries great messages and clarity in understanding the steps to spiritual mastery. Mpingo Griffin shares wholeheartedly her story of accepting and embracing the messages received from Beloved Beings of the Christ Light. In Mpingo's honesty and generosity of sharing her personal story we are able to release our own tendency to doubt when one feels guided and assisted.  

These Beloved Beings of Christ Light, in sharing the beautiful and spectacular story of the preparations undertaken by the Celestial Realm to bring Christ to this plane, deeply touches the heart and gives a resounding and unforgettable glimpse into how deeply we are loved.  The book not only provides a deep resonation of Truth, but unveils an understanding of the steps and preparations we may choose to undertake to birth and mature our own Divine nature of unconditional Love.

This book is for everyone, no matter the religion, non-religious, or how one may define oneself. A definite must read.

Sibongile West

Los Angeles, CA

I needed this book... its message

This book will truly enlighten all shadows of thought as to what Christmas is all about. A wonderful gift for yourself. A must read for any day of the year! Again, thank you God and all involved in getting this to print!

Jim Harper

Charlotte, NC

Spiritual mastery

If you are seeking mastery within your own self or life, the way you are being and how you are choosing to do anything---you can begin by examining how you are with yourself and others. If at our core, all of our perceptions of ourselves and others stem from fear, including our perception of and relationship with God, The Creator, All There Is, then this becomes our reality. For change to occur, we must be willing to examine our perceptions and actually attempt another way of being and doing with ourselves and others. If you want different results, yet are unwilling to examine or change the way you see and do things, the desired change cannot occur. The Beings of Christ Light in their words and works through their instrument Mpingo M. Griffin, help us to begin the process of seeing ourselves and others from an abundantly love centered place. The Meaning of Christmas opens us up to a more loving CoCreative relationship with our Divine Spiritual Source, in which our way of relating to all of life is genuinely impacted. As long as we choose to continue "fearing" God, and allowing this fear to justify and give life to all of our other fears, this becomes our reality. In this country in particular, we as a people have embodied fear so greatly, that it has become commercially profitable at the expense of our human rights and God given privileges, and therefore enslaving us at the same time. How much more fear are we willing to internalize before we are willing to give love a chance? You cannot read this work without feeling its loving power. Allowing for more love in all of our relationships beginning with ourselves, is the true Christmas gift as expressed in this work.

Ifetayo Bonner-Payne

Oakland, CA 

A true blessing

This book should be listed among the rare treasures of literature. It is what I call a "deep" read. For me, it was, at once, thought-provoking, insightful, exhilarating, comforting, reinforcing and very timely. It is a MUST read for anyone who is consciously walking the spiritual path, and who is searching for further clarity about the meaning and the power of the Christ within.  I thank you for sharing your Light, your Love, and your Wisdom.

Cordell Richardson, Ph.D

Washington, D.C.

Perspective and

Godly reasoning

Intellectual minds need a realm of spirituality and biblical knowledge to balance all aspects our faith walk with Christ! You in your own way have given aide to that process to keep all things God centered and Christ directed. What a pleasure it was to read your manuscript and see things within perspective and Godly reasoning. With love,

Rev. Carlos Davis

Los Angeles, CA

Simple, practical and profound

...I've read the book. It's a lovely statement and a fine and precise work. The care you've taken to accurately express your experience and the communications and energies is evident. The vibration I sense from the book is magnificent. The information is simple, practical and profound....

Acrisa Laughing Wolf

Oakkland, CA

A most sacred gift

From the very beginning with the Beings of the Christ Light I felt at HOME! The Self Mastery sessions from that time continue to point me back to the TRUTH of who I AM and why I AM here! This book is a most Sacred Gift to be given and read time and time again!  Enjoy!

Ananda Edmonds

Los Angeles, CA

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