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Excerpts from Chapters 9 and 10

Chapter 9


We will go further into the preparation of the birth of Jesus. This will enable you to understand the true meaning of Jesus and Christmas, and this will help you to understand your significance in this life. You will know better who you are as light workers and spiritual beings. …


…It is important to note that it was the God Force, Itself, who chose to have more light enter your plane. This is where it began—not with the high councils, but the God Force Itself. God gave birth to Itself and named Itself Son. It was mother, father to Itself.

Now when the desire of this impulse began, it became a new birth into creation. This birth was The Christ. This was well before Jesus. Christ was in the beginning, has always been, and shall ever be.


Now, Christ is that which took part of Itself and turned Itself into flesh as Jesus. Jesus was made from It, but was not It. Jesus was made in Its image and received It in His flesh. Jesus was the embodiment of It. Jesus was the temple in which It resides. Jesus was that which became the Divine and the example, the way shower for you.


Now, what is the significance of this to your life? The significance is this: Jesus is that which you can be as well. Jesus was born of woman, as were you. Jesus was not sent to be a unique being, but as an example. …

…Each of you has received and receives now, some aspects of The Christ Light. If you have an awareness of your oneness with God, you have the Light of Christ within you.

But remember, beloved ones, God gave birth to Itself as Its own Son. It was this special, manifested part of The Christ which gave of Itself in form through the one you know as Jesus.


Jesus as The Christ transformed the understanding of the world so that those in the world would know that the life of The Christ could be found within. This was Its great mission to impact the world, to raise the light in the world. Now, after the light was introduced into the world through Jesus, it was then your responsibility to receive It—your choice—and even how It was interpreted and accepted. Thus, man’s choice has given both clarity and confusion; some due to the level of awareness; some due to the desire to control others; some due to fear; some due to love. Both clarity and confusion have resulted in much limitation.

We say to you that the birth of Jesus is to be celebrated. And know, beloved, as The Christ was revealed in the life of Jesus, It can be revealed in your life as well. For Jesus came as a way shower to tell you that God is not far off, but within you. Just as God is within Jesus, God Force resides within you. The greatest way to celebrate Christmas is to celebrate The Christ within you.

Know, beloveds, that Jesus is your brother, your friend, your way shower and as such beckons to you to find Christ where He found It—within. This does not mean that you do not worship God, but it means that you may find an even greater reverence for God within your own life. Know that where you are, God is. God has created all there is. Right where you sit is the seat of God. Treat yourself, and everyone you meet with this reverence, and God’s light will be revealed in greater fullness on Earth.


Celebrate the real Christ, the essence of creation, that from which all life flows. Celebrate what the God Force truly gave to the world—Itself as Jesus and even as you. For God, in fact, made you. That is reason enough to celebrate.


God loves you, for He gave His only begotten Son. He gave Himself to the world as His son. He and the Son are one. Do you see the meaning of the word of Christ when spoken through Jesus saying, ‘I and the Father are One’? There is only the One, for that is all there is. …

The Key to Your Celebration

Chapter 10


Thank you for your growth and the steps you have been willing to take. You are now well on your way to achieving mastery. You are moving beyond intellectual understanding to being the thing Itself. It is not due to us, but your own work. We cannot do it for you.


Take nothing as truth simply because we have said it. You must know for yourselves, within yourselves. What we see, you can see. What we are, you are. You are our peers, for you all are workers in the Light of The Christ. This is not because we say so, but because you chose to be such. This is your life, your choice. You now know freedom in being your own authority. You now know yourselves as co-creators of your lives. Do not forget, forgetting is a choice.


Now, beloved ones, we go to be with The Christ in our own High Holy celebration. …


We wish for you the same joy as you celebrate. Now, we do not bestow such joyous celebrations upon you. That is in your own making.


Thank you, beloved ones. And, so it is.


Live your lives in freedom. Live your lives in peace. Live your lives in joy. Live your lives in love. Live your lives in the light.


Good Bye.

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