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The name is an indication of what the journey of life is about – for all must find their way from within. It is from that indwelling place where one may attain all that God has given as your natural birthright in life.

Inner Attainment Media is for the purpose of sharing works of Light from the guidance of those sent from God, known as Beings of The Christ Light and to assist their divine mission to bring greater light and love into the world. Here you will find various excerpts from their inspired work, along with books from I AM Publications , that assist their mission to awaken the enlightened.






Dear Beloved Friend,


I welcome you on behalf of all those who have benefitted from this work. For over 30 years, I have had the privilege of serving as the instrument for four messengers of God, messengers from the celestial realm, who identified themselves as Beings of Light or more specifically as Beings of The Christ Light. During weekly public sessions for almost four years in the mid-1990s, I, along with others, shared the profound experience of receiving the divine guidance of their “instruction-less instructions” that served to awaken what has always been within us. 


Now there is a new phase of their work. You may be among those who found your way here through the serendipitous leading of your inner guidance or what the Beings* refer to as “the call of your heart”. Within this introduction to their work, you will find very little step-by-step instruction.  (Please see, "You and the Inner Teacher".) What you will read will be as a signpost that may confirm for you your spiritual awakening. You may find affirmation for the sense of that divine connection you have always known. If inspired by these readings**, on this site you may note that there is more to share and opportunities to go deeper. 

To learn how this began, please go here.


Enjoy and be inspired.


In the words of these beloved Beings of The Christ Light:  

Let us continue to live our lives in the Light.

Mpingo Marilyn Griffin

Author and Instrument



*An affectionate name for these beloved teachers

**When in dialogue with others, quotes from the Beings of The Christ Light are indented

Throughout the year, a message ...

​"We wish to welcome our first-time guests.

"Please know that it is not by accident that you are here. It is due to the call of your heart, and you have heard the call. This is not for everyone – only those who have ears that will hear the sweet voice of the God Force. So, you have heard, and you have responded because this is for you who are on the path of enlightenment and wish to be full co-creators along the journey."

- Beings of The Christ Light

"We are here to do this work on behalf of The Christ and because of this we are here for you. Protestant, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu or any spiritual seeker, it matters not, for there is one God present within all."

- Beings of The Christ Light

Read excerpt of A New Light on Christmas

For those who are listening...


This is a book that will assist you with your walk with God and the divine manifestation of Its presence in your life. This is the true calling of this season and all seasons.


Download FREE PDF book here

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