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I always knew I came into this life ‘born awake’ but then ‘forced to forget’ for the times I was born. The beginning of a new era in consciousness on the planet, at the unique planetary configuration of 1966. 


When I worked with the Beings of the Christ Light in a group setting, I was considered ‘young’ of the earthly age in our ‘ungroup’ that met and did this ‘Work’ together…  I recently looked at the photos of many of the physical human beings who gathered then - often in  numbers between 50-100 on a weekly basis… and I was impressed by the ‘shininess’ of the skin, eyes, and spirits that shone through the Presence of these individuals..  The entire story is mystical.  I would say the one constant religion of my incarnation has been one of Synchronicity. I started intellectually ‘studying’ it on a conscious level at the age of 19.  Each one of us is a unique prism of god-mythology. Each one of us is sent ‘signs’ … but if I put the synchoncities of how I met ‘The Beings’ in a screenplay, it would remind audiences of ET meets Powder… and all that fall into that genre.  Literally mind-blowing and ‘magical’ on all levels.


I met so many people in the 1990s in the City of Angels that were guided by this magical thread of Synchronicity, but the crux - the plateau - of those encounters coalesced with The Beings.  I had been studying A Course In Miracles as a ‘Teacher and Student’ for 3 years.  I had been involved with Marianne Williamson and Agape (in their teenage ministry - wink)… And even before that, I had been doing Gestalt Therapy, Jungian personal analysis, and ‘inner child’ work based on the John Bradshaw philosophy of ‘healing one’s inner child’.  I was living a life of very rapid spiritual, psychological, and emotional body EVOLUTION - but at the same time, like I said - it’s what I signed up for.


The shiny peeps I met through the Work of The Beings - we jokingly referred to as the ‘ungroup’ because indeed, it was — it IS — a Course in Mastery.  That means, basically, it’s NOT about consensus reality.  I was probably one of the first to ‘Graduate’ from our three-year experience together… because I actually ‘broke up’ with the ‘ungroup’ - and even with the Beings!  My own inner “Christed Self “- had come to understand my own ministry, my own Inner Teachings… and I was able to actually Stand for my Self.. in this one ‘Intensive’ weekend they held.  The Beings always said that was the goal. And I made it! So this is the opposite of a new religion, or a cult.  IT’s LITERALLY about SELF MASTERY.  That means to find your own unique pattern of God Self - and learn to Be and Live It! 


I believe that is what I came here for.  What about you?  If you read this and you feel ‘holy bumps’ .. that Sense that you are ‘onto something’ in your own life’s Mystery… then perhaps you are the director and actress in your own “synchronicity movie” — and you may need to consider it’s time to “star in your own life” - and follow the Inner Call to be guided deeper and deeper into your Self. The only ‘teaching’ here, is about how to align one self with his/ her own Truth.  However, there is a Presence - that One that was With you ‘Before the Before’ - you WILL feel it - via a sense, a sound, a smell, a vision… we all have a way of sensing… that is again UNIQUELY different ..  So what I am asking you - is when you read these words, if you feel or sense this… then all I can say is this Work is for you!  There are many that are called.  But few are chosen, because few Choose.  That’s the paradox.  And the riddle.  The Answer is in the Quest.  You are ready.


I bless you on your journey, Beloved.  The world awaits YOUR magical MOVIE!


Jewels Solheim

Full Testimony

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