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On Co-Creation through Choice

-Book Excerpt-

Light Lessons on Choice 

(Soon to be published)









In the beginning days, they presented the basics of spiritual mastery and helped us to understand 'choice', an essential principle of their teachings. We understood and acknowledged the importance of ‘choice’. It is a very popular theme today, however, the Beings worked to instill the idea in us that choice is the fundamental law of creation, and it is the basic principle that governs every moment of our lives.


Occasionally, I was invited to Oakland, California to hold sessions in person with the people, that week after week, who had so patiently participated with us in Los Angeles by listening over a speakerphone. At one of the Oakland sessions, the Beings of The Christ Light again gave an insightful way to look at how the co-creation process and choice relate to our spiritual growth. Including a student of theology who was present that evening and gained new insight. They began with their theme for the evening.


We wish to help each of you achieve mastery over your lives; each of you to know yourselves as co-creators. This is who you truly are. You create your life, as you desire. God Force has already given this gift to you. Do you understand this?


The Light Beings posed the question to everyone present. Everyone understood.

Now, we will continue. The God Force is a chooser. In Its ability to create, It makes choices as to how It will give forth in Its expression. Creation is not a haphazard process. It is a process of choice, of direction. Is this so?


“Yes,” most of the thirty to forty people answered.


Is it not said that you are created in Its own image? Image! Imagination: a process of selected thought. Is this so? An image is a thought-form of something in creation. Is this so?


“Yes. Yes, it is,” some answered.


Gitane, a woman attending a session with the Beings for the first time said, “I understand what you said. I hear you, but I don’t always experience it, in the same way, you know, and to hear it intellectually and know it may not always be the same.”


Yes. Yes.


Is this so for the others as well?

“Yes,” the others answered.

The Beings continued their inquiry to the others.

You may have an intellectual understanding of something, but not a full experience of it?


“Yes,” a few more said aloud in agreement.

This is the case.

They then directed their attention to Gitane.


We have come to assist you in being all that you are now.

“Thank you,” said Gitane.


Yes. Now we will continue.

They then continued, addressing all present.


You are the co-creator of your life. Just as the God Force gives expression to all of the Creation, you too give forth expression as you believe, feel and think in your own lives.

Then they made a fundamental point:


The process is parallel to that of the Creation experience. Simply, a thought comes into form. That is how the God Force expressed Itself as Creation and that is how you find the results you now experience in your life. Understand?


Gitane asked, “From our thoughts?”


Yes, from your thoughts, your feelings, and your beliefs.


"So, it mirrors what reality we see. I see,” she said. She then asked, “Right now?”

That is partially it.

“Whether I’m conscious of it or not?” she asked.


Partially, yes.


“Thank you,” she said.


The Light Beings again emphasized an earlier point.


It is what you see, feel, believe and accept as truth in your life. This is on very subtle levels. It can be a very conscious decision or it can happen in a very subtle way, as well.


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