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On Marriage and Relationships

At a session held in Portland, Oregon,

a young couple asked for guidance as they approached marriage.

Now we wish to say that as we are here to assist you, we will not be telling the future as such, but what we will offer to you are the keys to assist you in creating your future as you so desire, including that with your husband to be.

Now, beloved one, you will gain greatly by simply trusting the presence of God within you and following that guidance as it is given; and seeking to know the presence of God within your husband as you know it within yourself.  Honor God Force within him.  Honor the presence of God within him.  Accept the love of God as expressed through this man and allow yourself to be an open vessel pouring forth love over him.

Allow the marriage of God to God.  That is the first lesson, that is the last lesson: God as God.


As you live your lives as one, you will grow in greater love.  Now, this idea of living your life as one must be understood in this way.  You do not lose yourself or your individuality, or your own individual expression of God.  But, rather, the oneness comes from each of you recognizing the presence of God within the other. That recognition, that awareness of this Divine Presence, becomes the cord that binds you together.  Now, does the cord change the two?  No.  But, it helps to keep them attached.  In that type of attachment—this being one together by seeing and knowing the presence of God within the other—is what makes you one,  one unit together.  One unit made up of two complete and very individual and unique whole beings.

To unite with the other, does not require you to give up or lose yourself.  But, we suggest this: that you become more of who you are, that you allow yourself to be the full expression of what God created as you.  You need not lose yourself.


Just as one would join any team to make it better or to reach a common goal; would it be wise, when joining, to lose your own uniqueness to blend in with the other teammate or teammates? …


Now if you are so enamored by a hero on the [new] team that you are so patterning yourself after this person, that you give up yourself and become a poor imitation of what you admire, you will not serve yourself or the team.  Now, yes, you may find it good and worthwhile to see how they have [or he has] found success and use some of these same principles to develop yourself.  Yes, this is good, but do not lose yourself nor disregard the wonderful uniqueness that God has given to you.


The same applies in marriage.  You must not forget to follow your inner guidance and the voice of God within you.  Again, be careful that you do not forget to follow your inner guidance and the voice of God within you.  Be careful that you do not make your mate your god.  Now, do not confuse what we say.  We still say to recognize the God Force within your mate and know that that which you see within your mate is within you.  So, if you are able to clearly see this—that what is within the other is within you as well—you will not be in danger of making your mate God.


Often as we have seen in marriages—or anyone joining a team, you might say—that sometimes the mate or other team members become more dominant in your life than you are.  We say, beloved one, if you continue to honor God within you and continue to recognize the presence of God with the other, you will not lose yourself nor will your mate become your God.


Now, on the other side of this is the willingness to love and to give, to share one’s life with the other.  It is done with grace and great blessings when the Divine presence of God is recognized in the other.


Now, we have what also may be a paradox to present to you, as well. Always be willing to say “Yes.”


Now, how does one do this and honor yourself?  How does one always say “yes” to a mate and not lose yourself?


We said, “be willing to say ‘yes.’”


Now, this may require much loving discussion and communication for understanding before the “yes” can be said.  Instead of first responding with a “no,” discuss with your partner what the partner’s needs and desires are and share your own with your partner on this subject as well.  Do this until you both can come to a point of agreement for a “yes – yes” from both of you; for you are both there to assist each other in this life and along your spiritual path.  This is that one you have chosen to experience a greater expression of the love of God.  This one, which is your mate, only wants to experience a greater expression of God in some way and you, as the mate, are there to be a vessel through which God can express Itself to your mate.  You do not desire to deny God from your mate in any way.  So, discuss, discuss, and discuss until you can lovingly say “yes” to something desired by your mate.


This is applicable to both husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, lover to lover, parent to child.  We are all here to give greater expression of God on this plane.  This is our only reason for existing.  For God Force brought forth creation to give greater expression of Itself.  So, in marriage or in any relationship we can use this as an opportunity to serve God.


Does this assist you, Beloved?


“Very much,” said the woman.


And beloved, does this assist you as well?


“Yes,” her fiance answered.


Very good.

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