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Practicing the Presence

-Book Excerpt-

To Awaken the Enlightened  



Beloveds, practice now listening. Do your own meditation and prayer work, whatever form. Be consistent in doing this. Now, this also means, beloveds, that you must now assume full authority of your lives. This means being willing to align yourself with the God Force with full awareness that you are indeed a co-creator with God. Now is the time to start preparing to do this. Do it now. Now!

It is good that you are taking the time to be with us, to come and learn and gain greater clarity of yourself as a Divine Being. It is good if you attend church or take classes or participate in study groups for the purpose of spiritual awakening. It is good that more and more of your time and your attention are spent on thoughts of God. It is good that you seek to see God in all things. It is good, beloved ones, that you practice living the Presence.


All of this is good, very good, but there is more to do. What is that more? What else can one do? 


You can stop studying, you can stop reading, stop speaking about God. Yes. You can do this because, beloved ones, it is better to live as God, meaning: recognizing and acknowledging that you are indeed created by God and God being the creator of all, means everything that you are is God. Acknowledge this, beloveds, about yourselves. Take this stand within your consciousness for your life.


Now, as long as you continue to feel that God is something, someone far away, difficult to strive for, that it will be.


Accept your divinity,  as the God Force has given it to you, with the breath of life.  Accept this now, beloved ones.


Let go of guilt and shame. Release it. Stop feeling unworthy. Stop worrying about what others may think. Stop being concerned that others will continue to judge your errors and thus limit you from expressing the fullness of God in your life. Do not concern yourself with the others. Do not concern yourself with looking good or what you think a spiritual being looks like. Accept yourself as you are right now and know, beloved ones, that within you now is perfection. It is the divine love of God.  


Note:  We did not say that you now act perfect, but that perfection, the essence of God Force, is within you. Draw upon it now.


No need to wait until you feel you have explored the entire depths of the ocean or sailed the ocean completely. No need to wait for that. You are within the ocean of Divine Love now. Just accept that you already, beloved ones, sail upon the ocean of God. There is no going to it. You are there now. You need not see the ocean in full to know its power, to ride upon the waves.  Simply accept your divinity now. Now. Now. Now. If you experience the ocean in a row boat or an ocean liner, both are supported in the same way. Both float and sail on the same ocean. Do not concern yourself with what your vessel looks like or how fancy it may be. You may use the same waves, the same wind to carry you, beloved ones, to your destination.


Do not wait! Accept your divinity.   


- Beings of The Christ Light

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