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Spiritually Awaking, Financially Needing


(Names used with permission)






Now be clear about what we are saying, for devotion is a path to God. A high path – very high path. But be certain that your devotion does not become a hiding place. Does this speak to anyone?


All in that gathering acknowledge this observation to be true.


Very good.


Now we have come to awaken the enlightened. To let you know that you too have within you what you see in your teachers, rather in the flesh or the unseen.  This is another lesson, but we trust that we have planted something in your awareness to assist you.  Does anyone find any discomfort with what we have shared?


With no response, they continued.


Very good. Very good. Very good.




“Yes,” said Pamela Dearing. It was her first time to attend a session. 


"Perhaps there are others that are experiencing similar issues, in terms of receiving clarity and guidance, but also in terms of manifesting requirements, financially, to take care of necessities for living—like rent and all that stuff. In terms of guidance and clarity, in terms of why I’m here and what to do in the light, but also what to do in terms of employment or getting basic needs met.  Understanding that we have the ability within to communicate with the higher realms, but to actually take that into a physical manifestation of basic needs being met."


Now let us say this. We are pleased that you have shared this concern with us this evening, for it is the concern of others as well, yes?


To give a simple answer will not serve you, but we will start by putting it in these terms.  Start by empowering yourself. Eliminate the viewing of lack thru your television commentaries, etc.  Understand?


Sometimes one holds to their faith, belief and trust in God to supply their needs, but they allow talk of others to overshadow their belief.  No need to read or hear reports of high unemployment if you are already unemployed. You know this for yourself.  You are better served to remain faithful to the possibilities. What you want is very near.


No more to say now, except that you must not remove your application to God for employment by putting doubts and other’s negativity in its place. Understand?


You say you believe that God will bring to you what you need, yet you allow yourself —we speak generally to all, now—you allow yourself to feast at the banquet of lack thru entertaining the reports of lack.


Keep your dinner reservation at God's table. Understand?


“Can I have an opportunity to share something that I’m picking up on in this conversation that we’re having?”  asked Rev. Dr. Aliah MaJon.




“It’s a word I’ll share; it’s a simple word.  There’s a way that we’re conditioned here on earth sometimes as human beings to be fixated on things. Fixated. Sometimes we talk about “vision,” but I want to use the word specifically. fixation. In the media, in the information and news that we receive, there’s a fixation on certain concepts of lack is what I’m referring to. And what I’ve begun to do in my own life is to be fixated on the consciousness of prosperity. To be fixated on the consciousness of being blessed all the time. To be fixated on the fact that I know it can shift in a minute. To be fixated on the synchronicities that happen in my life. To be fixated on GOD being everywhere. And so I just wanted to use that word because it’s helped me a lot.


"You know sometimes they say you have a “one-track mind”? Well, I’m gaining a one-track mind—my track is ‘I’m here doing GOD’s work and everything is falling into place.'  So I wanted to just share that. Thank you.”



Very good. Very good. Very good. Very Good. Thank you, beloved.


Now, friends, we are pleased that you allowed us the opportunity to be with you this evening.


Each of you is filled with the presence of God this season, celebrate who you are as God’s beloved child.


Celebrate that Divine birth within you. For that is why the one you know as JESUS—as well as others—came to this Earth. We celebrate you. We celebrate your open hearts. Beloved ones, we celebrate the presence of The CHRIST in you. And so it is…


Live always as light.



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