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on being in session with

Beings of The Christ Light

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It has always been my heart's desire to know the truth about Divinity, have an intimate relationship with God, and understand what is required to deeply align with my Soul and become all that I was created to be... The precious work that I was blessed to do with the Beings of The Christ Light has given me that -- and so much more!

Aliah K, MaJon, PhD, DD

Los Angeles, CA, USA



I began attending the Light Sessions with great enthusiasm and gratitude to receive guidance from the Highest Dimensions of the Celestial Realms. As a student of spirituality and teacher of meditation, it seemed what was initially shared was somewhat simplistic. But, I soon realized with the tools given, the knowledge was readily able to be lived and realized. To be a conscious Co-creator with God Force and choose spiritual mastery moment to moment is a profound first step. Otherwise, anything else the Celestial Realm shares would simply be information... beautiful to listen to, but without the necessary foundation to live or cognize it. The sessions with the Beloved Beings of Christ Light has brought inner unfoldment and continual enlivening of my awareness. I am humbled and eternally grateful.

Sibongile West

Los Angeles, CA

Throughout my adult life, I've felt directed in a manner of spiritual and cultural service. My initial awakening occurred in my early twenties upon encountering the work of Joseph Campbell. The tone and tenor of my life since has been fundamentally influenced by his message of the essential unity of our planet and the universe and the need for a "story" humanity can adopt to align us with that reality.  A couple years later, over the course of 18 months, I was in regular attendance at weekly meditation/teaching sessions and various intensive retreats working with the message of the Beings of the Christ Light. It was a partnership, really, between one of the most beautiful groups of spiritually committed people I've ever been around and a message of empowerment, light, and love that found its voice in Mpingo Griffin.  Never fear your own depth, greatness, light, and love! ...this is the essential message of the Beings of the Christ Light. The course of my life since has been engaged in an almost relentless expression of this message. I know that is a compulsion I was born with, but I have a deeply felt appreciation for their influence and I know now that I was receiving a series of attunements preparing me for my life ahead. Please allow this in. You will not regret it.


Immanuel Solas, KTS

Media Producer/Publisher

What a pleasure and honor it was to be part of the spiritual Masters planning team that sponsored Mpingo to New York in April.  During one planning session with The Beings for the New York tour, The Beings stated that a person’s life would be totally transformed for the better after a session with Them. It appeared that after 2 Mt. Vernon sessions, 99% of the invited guests were totally receptive and transformed by the teachings of The Beings.  The guests overwhelmingly agreed to the statements and truths shared by The Beings. They were also told to become a beacon of Light to others, whether in a big visible way or in a small way.  Any way would assist many to overcome their fears, doubts, confession, anger, frustration, and anxiety; and to step into their true roles as Enlightened Beings here on Planet Earth.


The two sessions had a total of 37 guests who listened, asked questions, laughed, cried, shared painful stories, spiritual revelations, and heartfelt sentiments on being spiritual.  Most were just happy to know that there were also others who were considered “unusual/strange” when growing up because of their willingness to listening inwardly and follow a different drummer. I felt that out of the 37 guests; 35 were totally transformed by the sessions and they all would like to see Mpingo and The Beings return to New York in the future.


It was truly 2 extraordinary evenings with The Beings that were welcoming and necessary for everyone’s continued evolution to the Light and to remember who we truly are-Enlightened Masters!


Brahmachandri Bridges

Mt. Vernon, NY

I had been on my journey in consciousness for many years serving professionally as both a Transpersonal Counselor and Meditation Teacher when I was blessed to be introduced to the Love of beloved Beings of The Christ Light and their work of assisting humanity to attain Spiritual Mastery through deepened experience of The Light within. Through the process of their divine guidance and facilitation, I have been awakened to greater illumination of the Divine Light within me and the ongoing process of fathoming greater depths of who I really am and why I have come. This brings greater insight, relevance and impact to every aspect of my life. I am so grateful.

Sananda Ananda-Maynard, Ph.D

Los Angeles, CA

Maybe because of my childhood, I was always seeking. I had a Catholic father and a Jewish mother, but in spite of all that religion, we never spoke about God. I had so many questions.


When I heard about the sessions with these “Beings”, I immediately knew I had to be there. It was a call to my heart. When I first felt their energy, I was overcome with emotion because of how familiar they felt. “I know you, I know you” I said, and they responded, ”Yes, it is like running into an old friend in a foreign country.” I don’t have a rational explanation for this, but I know it was undeniably powerful and real.


The Beings showed me that we are loved beyond our comprehension and that we are as powerful as the power that created the Universe. They taught me to turn inward for all the wisdom and authority I needed to create the life I wanted. My work was to set my intention, listen to the guidance, trust it and allow it...This was mastery. Simple, but not easy.


My 3+ years with the Beings were the most extraordinary of my life and continue to be the foundation for the life I am living today. When I think of them – which is often – my heart fills with love, appreciation, and gratitude.

Denise David Williams

Los Angeles, CA

I have known Mpingo as the instrument for Beings of the Christ Light for over 20 years. The assistance,  lessons, and teaching are tools for life. I know that God is all there is and love is the answer. Listening is the tool that opens the door to understanding and communication. No matter what the appearance, listen, listen, listen and have no doubt. With my studies as a Practitioner and Minister, learning first to work on myself to be the living example of God-in-action,  I am living a miracle of healing of body, mind, and spirit. Through the gentle assistance of the Beings, I believe your gift will be a greater expression of God. And so it is. Amen.


Rev. Ruth Lemon

Los Angeles, CA

I have had many outstanding teachers and coaches in my life, but there have been none greater than The Beings of the Christ Light. Having spent years in their divine presence, I can unequivocally state that their ability to lead you back to your true self and to help you go deeper and deeper within is the most effective way to make the kinds of choices that can create quantum leaps along your chosen path.


To allow The Beings to assist you is to give yourself a practical and effective gift that is precious beyond measure. If it is your desire to Be The Light and to grow along spiritual lines...then please do not hesitate to jump in with both feet...because The Beings of the Christ Light will help you to focus your attention on your intention in order to expand your awareness of the divine presence within us all.


So live your life in freedom, live your life in peace, live your life in joy and live your life in the light!


Joseph Divine

Mt. Shasta, CA

-Excerpt - 




I would like to share my experiences of sitting with the Beings of The Christ Light during Sister Mpingo's stay in NYC in the Spring of 2016.


I was introduced to the term "Beings of the Christ Light" by one of my spiritual sisters in NY. I trust her deeply and decided to do a little research online before actually attending a scheduled upcoming "Session" in my area. I felt very comfortable and at ease browsing through Sister Mpingo's website and later Facebook page (God is Light) and felt a very strong connection to the essence that I felt…


In brief, of the three sessions … I was reawakened on many levels and fine-tuned on other levels.… The Beings thanked me for my commitment towards uplifting the youth and encouraged the entire group to maintain a focus on uplifting the youth.


In closing, I'd like to share that the Beings of the Christ Light are very precise if allowed to freely see the person. I believe that the more open an individual is during a session their experience will be heightened and there is great opportunity to shift from one's current situation to a more heightened level of self-awareness and spiritual transformation.


They are not readers, however, what you allow them to see will be shown back to you. Those who are willing to make a shift will be in a free flowing space to do so comfortably.


I am grateful.

Aku Badu

Mt. Vernon, NY


-Excerpt - 



I always knew I came into this life ‘born awake’ but then ‘forced to forget’ … 


When I worked with the Beings of the Christ Light in a group setting, I was considered ‘young’ of the earthly age in our ‘ungroup’ that met and did this ‘Work’ together…  I recently looked at the photos of many of the physical human beings who gathered then - often in numbers between 50-100 on a weekly basis… and I was impressed by the ‘shininess’ of the skin, eyes, and spirits that shone through the Presence of these individuals. …


…it IS — a Course in Mastery.  That means, basically, it’s NOT about consensus reality.  I was probably one of the first to ‘Graduate’ from our three-year experience together… because I actually ‘broke up’ with the ‘ungroup’ - and even with the Beings!  My own inner “Christed Self “- had come to understand my own ministry, my own Inner Teachings… and I was able to actually Stand for my Self… The Beings always said that was the goal. And I made it! So this is the opposite of a new religion, or a cult.  IT’s LITERALLY about SELF MASTERY.  That means to find your own unique pattern of God Self - and learn to Be and Live It! 


I believe that is what I came here for.  What about you?  If you read this and you feel ‘holy bumps’ … that Sense that you are ‘onto something’ in your own life’s Mystery… you may need to consider it’s time to “star in your own life” - and follow the Inner Call to be guided deeper and deeper into your Self. The only ‘teaching’ here, is about how to align oneself with his/ her own Truth.  However, there is a Presence - that One that was With you ‘Before the Before’ - you WILL feel it - via a sense, a sound, a smell, a vision… we all have a way of sensing… that is again UNIQUELY different.  So what I am asking you - is when you read these words, if you feel or sense this… then all I can say is this Work is for you!  There are many that are called.  But few are chosen because few Choose.  That’s the paradox.  And the riddle.  The Answer is in the Quest.  You are ready.


I bless you on your journey, Beloved.  The world awaits YOUR magical MOVIE!


Jewels Solheim

Los Angeles


I believe that by following my heart's desire to host Mpingo and the Beings of Christ Light in my home in Washington, DC, I allowed a spiritual pathway to open up to my family, friends and for myself.  I was introduced to

All who attended were enthralled by the love notes that were imparted by the Beings through Mpingo.  A family that I knew existed but until then I had prayed to meet them one day.  That day came in my living room.

My life has taken on an important, colorful, beautiful dimension as a result of being in the presence of such high authority.  They spoke and we all listened intently. My guests and I are in steadfast appreciation for such a meaningful and joyous occasion.

Thank you Mpingo, The Beings, Revalyn, Ruth and of course my lovely friend Rena for the introductions.


Angela Jiggetts-Bazzi

Washington D.C.

My wife and I invited some friends, and associates, that came and got some interesting responses back on how they felt about the meeting with Mpingo as an instrument for the Beings of The Christ Light. All of them felt that the information that the Beings shared with them was uplifting and enlightening. Most of them had not heard of these concepts before, especially that the source and essence of what Mankind is, was explained to be God. Through Mpingo, the Beings revealed a powerful message that they were not these bodies or personalities but they are one with God. I believe that was truly a powerful message.


These sessions that the Beings taught shined light on some very important subjects that all those that came found fascinating. Once this knowledge is shared and revealed it awakens you to who you truly are. It also opens the door for those that wish to follow up on exploring the possibilities of this enlightening knowledge and truly become one with their new reality.  


Mahesh Bridges

Mt. Vernon, NY

What we hold in consciousness is what we create as our way of being and living with ourselves and others. This is just one of the infinite lessons we learn to master in embodying and inner-actively employing the tools shared with us for inner spiritual mastery through the words and works of our Beloved Beings of Christ Light.  One of the primary and most significant teachings is that intention is 100%. Just take note that where you place your attention, whether it be fearful or loving, let’s you know the nature of your true intention. So if you find that the majority of your thoughts and feelings about yourself and others is not necessarily of a loving or fearless nature, know that this is what you are calling forth in who you are being and what you want for others in their lives as well.  If this feels too simplistic to you, just put forth the effort to experience the substance and profound affect it will have in your life experience. Don’t stop here, however. You can choose to suspend judgment and allow yourself to integrate some new evolutionary information. This is the substantive significance of this work for me.

IfeTayo TL Bonner-Payne

Oakland, CA

It has taken me a while to get this testimony done.  Each time I sat down to write it I felt I know and don't know how to start. Yet still, I am quite happy with my life even as I am still growing in the knowledge of the teachings.  So now, let me talk about two points.
Testimony - May 2016 New York with Mpingo and the Beings of the Christ Light


The Beings taught us that God created on the Impulse ... of a thought.  So this is one of the very main things I have been allowing to integrate into my daily life.  

I have been allowing myself to be aware of my thoughts at the Impulse level, now knowing this is the most creative force and how I now manifest my desires this way, easy and without strain and trying.  

Angela Carmen Sanchez

Brooklyn, NY



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