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You and the Inner Teacher

The following is the "Foreword" offered by Beings of The Christ Light  for my first manuscript (unpublished),  Now We Will Begin, and is applicable here. It speaks of not only their mission to awaken the enlightened, it also speaks to the essence of our spiritual lives. This is why I, along with others who have benefitted from this wisdom, find joy in sharing this work.

"Friends, we are here to be of service to those of you who feel the desire to achieve spiritual mastery in this lifetime. We have asked beloved Mpingo to share her story and the experiences of others whom we have assisted along the way.

"Now within these pages, you will find very little step-by-step instructions or formulas. When such is given it is designed as an aid along the way. But, you will gain from the basic truths if you utilize them as tools for your growth.

"We are here to tell you that you are being assisted in this very moment. Available to you are many beloved beings, beloved angels of God are here to guide you if you pay attention. Now, within these pages are simple reminders on doing the work. It is given in this form, as was our mission through this instrument—to help you trust what you already know.


"Now many of you, if not most of you, will not take or see the opportunity to study with great teachers who now inhabit the earth in physical form. The God Force now sends such teachers and you will find them in all religious and high spiritual teachings. Those who will avail themselves of such opportunity will find that you must still do the work, even when sitting at the feet of great master teachers or in the audience of great ministers and theologians, gurus, priest and others who hold secrets to life and knowing God.


"Practicing ritualized techniques does have value, but only to those who also do their own work. Such inner work will often lead you to such teachings.


"Now, friends, we want you to also understand that the greatest teacher can be found through direct experience by following the inner call of the voice of God. But you must know when that voice speaks to you; that voice which speaks on behalf of the God force.


"Now, friends, we invite you to begin starting from where you find yourself along the journey. It is our observation that these same basic —seemingly basic— principles are not fully applied.


"This is for all, even for the longtime spiritual believers and practitioners who still feel and know that there is something more to be expressed as a vessel through which God pours Its love and light. So, friends, you may find some reflection of your own experience as you read these pages. Perhaps it will trigger that divine spark within you for your next step toward spiritual mastery.


"We invite you to assist us in our mission, as given by the Christ, to awaken 'the enlightened'.


"So many of you, the religious and spiritual people, are not yet awake. Yet within your very being, you have enlightenment. For so many of you who love God and serve God, you feel that the prophets and great avatars within the records of your spiritual teaching were ones especially blessed by God. You do not see yourself as worthy. Yes, you serve God but not as the great saints.


"Then there are others who have been spiritual seekers for lifetimes who do have some sense of a divine presence within them. Yet they too get stuck in seeking to be seen as more spiritually advanced than their friends, neighbors, and members of their spiritual groups.


"These are simple examples of people who love God but have not allowed God to fully manifest Its presence in their lives. We invite you to look at these experiences. Take back to your own chosen path for spiritual unfoldment the gift of other’s experiences in learning to do the work to gain spiritual mastery. As you apply the insight that you can gain from within these pages your own path will be enhanced.


"This is just the first of many books* to come to help you along the way.


"And so it is."

- Beings of The Christ Light

*Now We Will Begin  (unpublished)

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