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Watch below the interview on the book and hear excerpts read  from


on theThird Ear Radio broadcast

interview hosted by

Ruth Gayle Lemon and Precious McGill 

Guest: Mpingo Griffin, author

 recorded on 12-18-2017


Please see interview below


(Interview begins at approx. 15:58)

Listen to

Journey to Self 

Interviews hosted by Sa Ra on


Interviews recorded on


04-16-2019  |  Symbolic Meaning of Christ's 


                           Interview begins at approx. 12:50 mins.

09-19-2017  |  A Journey of Seeking Deeper

12-19-2017  |  A New Light on Christmas

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Journey to Self, host Sa Ra - Resurrection's Symbolic Meaning - Mpingo Griffin 04-16-2019
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Journey to Self, host, Sa Ra - A Journey of Seeking Deeper - Mpingo Griffin 9/19/2017
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Journey to Self, host, Sa Ra - A New Light on Christmas - Mpingo Griffin 12/19/17
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