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Beings of The Christ Light


Take a close look at the symbol chosen for this site. Does it point right or left? The way you see it is your choice. How we perceive and experience life has much to do with our choices. Our ability to use choice is rooted in what the Beings call the "fundamental law of creation." Let these excerpts be a reminder.

"We are pleased that you have chosen this opportunity to take these words within you. Here you will find new meaning for your life or perhaps simply affirmation for what you already know to be...Protestant, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu or any spiritual seeker, it matters not, for there is one God present within all." 

- Beings of The Christ Light

Useful Notes


  • Use either the topic heading or description to link to the full excerpt

  • In these excerpts, when there is dialogue with others, the Beings' passages are indented.

  • Names of participants are used with their permission

  • Both God and God Force  are used to identify the Supreme Being

  • Both Eshua or Yeshua are used for the personage of Jesus. There are four Beings sharing this knowledge with us. I think it is simply a matter of the  four individual Being's preference as to which name is used. 

Start by empowering yourself. Eliminate the viewing of lack thru your television commentaries, etc.  Understand? Sometimes one holds to their faith, belief, and trust in God to supply their needs, but they allow talk of others to overshadow their belief.

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