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Who are the Beings of The Christ Light?


An excerpt from 

A New Light on Christmas”  by Mpingo Marilyn Griffin

“Who or what are the Beings of the Christ Light? Why did they choose me to assist them and their work? These are two good questions that you may find useful to have answered as you read ... will acquaint you with their work, which is to “awaken the enlightened,” as they have sometimes described it. ...


“First, I will begin with the assumption that you are neither unfamiliar nor uncomfortable with the idea that God does, indeed, send divine agents to assist us, guide us, and intervene on our behalf in unseen ways. Also, there are times that these angels, divine messengers, spiritual guides, ascended masters and other highly divine beings, which are known by various names, directly commune with us as well. Such has been the case in my life. As you read, you may find reminders of the many times and ways that God’s angelic beings also whisper to you and provide guidance.


“In 1993, when I first became aware of them, these Beings of the Christ Light announced that The Christ sent them, and they explained:”


We are not exactly your direct spiritual guides. We are higher entities than guides, but not as high as The Christ, Itself. We are directed by The Christ. There is nothing between us and It.


Under us are the angels and the other lesser deities. We are the guides for them. All levels of creation have guides, and as such are helped to evolve, to create, and to express their highest calling as that of the will of the God Force.


“Are they who they say they are? I am not an authority on delineating the celestial hierarchy, but I do know the presence of Holy Spirit and that presence which is from God. It is what I know in my heart when I am with them. You must judge who they are for yourself. It is not my aim to convince you. ... the Light Beings say to us:”

Take nothing as truth simply because we have said it. You must know for yourselves, within yourselves.

Copyright © 2012 by Mpingo Marilyn Griffin

"We are here for the enlightened yet to be awakened and we appreciate that the work will help others, as well. But, our mission is for the many that are in the process of awakening to their full enlightenment. Now if we say that the inner teacher will teach them then we must trust and believe this to be both true and needed."

- Beings of The Christ Light

"You will come to understand our mission. We are not here to gain followers, for we want none. We are not here to start a new religion, for you have your own. We are here to awaken you to your enlightenment. We are here to help you gain mastery of life. We are here to assist you in recognizing the divinity that is yours. Now, we are here to find those who wish to help bring greater light and love to the world."

- Beings of The Christ Light

A New Light on Christmas” 

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