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I AM Publications is pleased to presents books inspired by sessions with Beings of The Christ Light in support of their mission to "awaken the enlightened". Please check with us again for upcoming releases and book events.


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Beings of The Christ Light share
The Meaning of Christmas

As her trust and discernment grew, Mpingo Marilyn Griffin found herself in communion with divine agents sent from God Known as Beings of The Christ Light or Light Beings. These beloved Beings began an interactive dialogue with her and others on increasing faith and obtaining spiritual mastery.​

In this context, they present a new view of the meaning of Christmas that assists us in honoring and celebrating the divinity within us. Given new insight on "The Christ," we discover a personal and intimate celebration that is no longer seasonal but renewed daily in our lives.

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Copyright @ 2002 by Mpingo Marilyn Griffin

(10 Digit) ISBN-10: 0967711738

(13 Digit) ISBN-13: 978-0967711737

A New Light on Christmas
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This is an updated and expanded version of the first book. A New Light on Christmas speaks on two levels, both human and divine. It gives inspiring insights beyond the season for a personal and intimate celebration that is daily renewed in your life.


In Part One of the book, you may be reminded of your own spiritual journey. It tells the human story of a woman seeking to walk in unwavering faith though faced with many challenges. Then it tells of what is given to her from God as a result of her choice to see God in all situations.


Part Two is the most important section of the book. It  tells the story of “choice” in creation. We come to see how our ability to choose is a divine law and is the fundamental law of creation. We see God’s love for us, and our role in His divine creation. This is shown through new insights on the birth of His Only Begotten Son.


Taking place a year later, Part Three of the book shares examples of people that have applied the principles found in this book. It offers readers inspiration and encouragement on the benefits of doing the inner work that leads to the daily celebration of the Presence of The Divine in their lives.


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Get Free PDF Download of the book here



*Copyright © 2012 by Mpingo Marilyn Griffin

ISBN: 978-0-97638470-0

Light Sessions on Choice

Understand "Choice" as the fundamental law of creation and its significance to your life.

Publishing Summer 2016

Now We Will Begin

The story of the author's first year as an instrument of The Beings of The Christ Light. It tells the lessons and discoveries she learned as she shared this work with others. It is not meant to be a book of instructions but rather a tool of affirmation of your own inner work. Please read the Foreword here.

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Awaking the Enlightened​​

Publishing Soon

The Call - A Journal of Healing

Publishing Soon

Please read an excerpt here.

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